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1. RoboSTEM for Teacher Education

The purpose of this research project is to provide pre-service and in-service teachers the opportunity to learn how to use robotics technology in their future and current classrooms. RoboSTEM is an open educational resources website tailored to the use of robotics in K-12 education. Research shows that robotics technology is a great tool to help teachers learn how to facilitate student engagement and active learning. The ultimate goal of the project is to positively influence not only teachers' learning from teacher education courses but also student learning in Georgia and beyond. To read more about the project, please see Kim, Kim, Yuan, Hill, Doshi, and Thai (2015).

Project Team: Dr. Prashant Doshi, Dr. Roger B. Hill, Dr. Chi Thai, and Jiangmei Yuan

2. Teacher Beliefs, Practice, and Technology Integration

The purpose of this research project study is to examine how teachersí pedagogical beliefs are related to technology integration practices and impact on student learning. The report of a study conducted in southeastern K-8 rural schools is published in Teaching and Teacher Education. To read more about the report, please see Kim, Kim, Lee, Specotor, and DeMeester (2013).

Collaborators: Dr. Chiajung Lily Lee, Dr. Min Kyu Kim, and Dr. J. Michael Spector

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