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1. Increasing Student Engagement in Science Learning

The purpose of this research project is to design and implement scaffolds that aim to help middle school science students build evidence-based arguments. A conceptual framework paper describing guidelines for designing computer-based scaffolds to increase student science motivation and engagment is published in Educational Psychologist.
Collaborator: Dr. Brian Belland

2. Interest and Engagement in Learning Geography

The purpose of this research project is to investigate how studentsí motivational factors are related to their successful completion of a general education geography course at a southwestern university. Based on this investigation, we built a set of design guidelines for motivational support that can promote studentsí engagement in learning geography. To read about the work, please see Kim, Park, Huynh, and Schuermann (2015). A paper reporting an empirical study is currently under review in a journal. The study has been featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education.
Collaborators: Dr. Niem Tu Huynh, Dr. Seung Won Park, and Ryan Schuermann


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