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Dr. Brian Belland

Associate Professor, Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, Utah State University.

Research interests: problem-based learning, scaffolding, online learning, and science education


Dr. Kimberly Bennekin

Associate Professor, Mathematics, Georgia Perimeter College

Research interests: mathematics discourse, online mathematics education, and instructional design


Dr. Joe Cozart

Associate Director of Strategic Planning, Georgia Virtual Learning, Georgia Department of Education

Research interests: online learning, 21st century skills, instructional technology, science education

Dr. Prashant Doshi

Professor, Computer Science, The University of Georgia

Research interests: artificial intelligence, probabilistic reasoning over time, service-oriented computing, semantic Web services discovery, dynamic workflow composition


Dr. Charles B. Hodges

Associate Professor, Leadership, Technology, and Human Development, Georgia Southern University

Research interests: self-efficacy, self-regulation, online environments, mathematics education, and instructional design and technologies


Dr. Chiajung "Lily" Lee

Part-Time Faculty, Department of Education, National University of Tainan, Taiwan

Research interests: teacher education, technology integration, TPACK, instructional design

Dr. Seung Won Park

Visiting Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

Research interests: reading motivation, learning by teaching, and virtual change agents


Dr. Jiangmei "May" Yuan

Assistant Professor, Learning Sciences & Human Development, West Virginia University

Research interests: STEM education, peer assessment, formative evaluation


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